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September 17th
12:00 PDT
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Sep 17

12:00 PDT

Digital Darwinism: How to deliver meaningful experiences during a time of digital transformation


Digital Darwinism: Adapt to Thrive 


The time of Digital Darwinism is upon us – technology and society are evolving faster than businesses can naturally adjust, creating immense pressure to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of emergent trends. In this era of ‘adapt to thrive,’ businesses must reinvent their workflow, find new ways to create an impact, and adopt a Design Thinking process in order to create meaningful experiences. 

In our three-part webinar series on Digital Darwinism, our panel of experts will discuss the implications of this digital transformation and outline strategies for success in the midst of constant change.  

Part 1

Digital Darwinism: How to deliver meaningful experiences during a time of digital transformation 

Technology and society are evolving faster than businesses can naturally adjust, creating immense pressure to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of emergent trends. 

In part I of our webinar series, Mohan, Jatin and Jason discuss the value of experience design as part of a greater strategy for winning big in this climate of digital transformation. ShiSh will discuss how disruptive technology Is changing business for good and have helped organizations become innovative and transform the way they engage with customers. 

Part 2

Digital Darwinism in Retail and ISV - Differentiating in the New Normal

Retail, as we know it, is on the verge of massive technological transformation, with new immersive experiences enabled by 5G in the digital world and a new no-contact model in the physical world.

In part II of our webinar series, Jatin Shah outlines the ways in which retailers can adapt their experience strategies to meet the ever-changing demands of the modern-day consumer.

Part 3

Digital Darwinism: Experiences Per Mile

With consumer technology companies like Google, Apple, and Amazon bringing their experiences in-vehicle, automotive brands are challenged to adapt and maintain relevancy in one of the most rapidly changing consumer markets. 

In part III of our webinar series, Jason Johnson, Parrish Hanna and Jeffrey Hannah examine the implications of Digital Darwinism in the automotive sector and how experiences per mile is the new mantra. They will review and discus experience themes showcased by Huemen’s Urban Mobility Assistant (UMA) – recognized by Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas Awards.


Parrish Hanna

CEO and Founder

Movotiv + Motourly

Parrish is currently consulting and collaborating with global automotive and mobility companies on topics related to UX strategy, technology road-mapping, innovation process, culture and more. These include OEMs, Tier 1 & 2 suppliers, software integrators and start-ups.

Formerly, he managed the Interaction, Ergonomics and Human-Machine Interface (HMI) teams at Ford Motor Company. This included the coordination and mentoring of many professional disciplines as well as guiding the design and development of interactive vehicle systems. These include all interior and exterior physical and digital Interactive human touch-points for all segments of global vehicles. 


Jeffrey Hannah

Director, North America

SBD Automotive

Jeffrey Hannah guides the North America office of SBD Automotive and has more than 16 years experience working with global automakers and their partners to successfully plan and implement effective Connected, Autonomous, and Secure Car strategies.

A dynamic leader, strategist, innovator, analyst, and speaker, he is extremely active in innovative efforts to support the broader automotive technology community. He is based in Ann Arbor, MI USA.  


Jason Johnson

Director of User Experience Design, Huemen

HARMAN International (A Samsung Company)

With over 18 years of experience in the development of automotive infotainment platforms and user interface products, Jason’s professional background includes leading cross-functional and international teams across multiple industry segments. Prior to joining the team at Huemen, Jason designed and managed the development of several in-vehicle infotainment and connectivity systems for Ford Motor Company and General Motors. 

In 2015, Jason came on board and created the Harman Connected Car User Experience Design Team. Since then, his team has been responsible for delivering award-winning experiences for multiple automotive manufacturers. Jason champions a user-centered, iterative, and collaborative design process to create innovative solutions for consumers.. 

September 17th
12:00 PDT